We have answered the most commonly asked questions below

Hours of operations are:

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm

Status of your video:

Please keep in mind that we will email you with links to your video for you to review online as soon as they are done. Your video can take up to 6 months from your wedding date to be completed. This does not mean that it will take 6 months but that at our busiest time it can. Usually it is before. Keep in mind this is if your balance was paid off on time. If your balance was not paid on time and was paid at a later date, then the time frame would be 6 months from the date your account balance was paid off.

Also, if you haven't done so already send us your song selections because this can also slow down the process. Read further down for song selections form information. 

We are as eager to get you your video as you are to see it. Please keep in mind that repeated emails to check on status will just slow the process down because we need to take time away from editing to answer emails.

Song Selection Format:

When sending us your songs selection, please as always include your names and wedding date in the subject line along with the word "SONGS". It makes it that much easier for us to find your information and respond.

 All you have to provide is the name of the artist and name of song. If the song is not usually found on itunes etc. Please email us an MP3 version of the song. This is the only format that will work.

1. One song for your recap.

2. One song for your Highlight 

3. One party/dancing style song for your highlight.

So 3 songs in total.

**Please log into your client portal and fill out the song questioner so that its updated in our system.**

Change request format :

First and most important. All changes requested will be done by email and email ONLY. We can not meet or hold meetings to go over changes for video. We also can not take request over the phone because everything needs to be in writing so we can reference to them when we are editing the requested changes. Changes do not have a specific turn around time, it varys on our workload.

Below is the format for emails requesting changes(as always include name and wedding date in subject line of email):



- 2:30 please remove clip and replace with a shot of my shoes.

- 2:45 Please cut clip completely.


- Please change song to "example"

- Please shorten the speeches. (In this situation we would need specifics as to what parts you want us to take out and what you want us to include. Either through time stamps or what they say or both.)

- Please lighten image 

- Please darken image.

The above are just examples as to how we format the emails for changes. This is the easiest most efficient way of getting them done.

Pictures required for DVDs : 

We will request pictures from you for the DVD menu and cases. One important thing to note. If you took your pictures with us (Simply Captivating) you do not need to request permission. If you took your pictures with a different photographer and you do NOT have copyrights to your pictures you must ask them for permission to use the pictures on the cases. This is your responsibility and by emailing us the pictures we conclude that you have received permission from your photographer.

Below you will find exactly what we need:

2 pictures that you would like to use as your case cover and dvd menu background. We need FULL resolution pictures. (Nothing downloaded from a website or screen shot) If you send us low resolution pictures and it gets through and printed for any reason it is your responsibility for replacement cost if you choose to replace cases. 

Mailing of your DVDs and final product:

Once you have approved the videos we will send you an email with some additional information we need to mail everything out to you. If you are already in our client system and have been issued a client portal link and password please make sure your mailing address there is correct and updated.

We mail all packages with signature confirmation, which means the package will not be released unless someone signs for it.

Thank you for understanding and helping us make the process more efficient and helping everyone get their videos quicker.

Please keep in mind that we have a small team of editors that will respond to your emails as quick as possible. At the end of the day we concentrate on editing rather than emailing so sometimes emails can take a bit to respond to. Please be patient and we will respond as soon as we can.